Earthbound From Seven Heavens

Welcome to This is your firs

Whoa! This is really me. After they tried to erase me for so long- I know how the tigers and lions feel stepping on grass and swimming for the first time. It’s like learning to walk all over again and function but I’m getting it. And I’m ready to write the book I was denied years ago.

I wasn’t born into this world-

I was sent in with the code- Leda -mother to Apollo – and I came down a chute from seven heavens away from the universe itself. I was never a baby. I was 6 billion years old at that moment but I was vulnerable and my enemies knew it. So they kept me from my mother who already had some damage done to her – with narcoleptic seizures and couldn’t fight back if she tried. They said I had to be drained. I was full of fluid. It would be 68 years before I would know what that meant. Some things you wish you never knew. Some things you have to know. Some things you wish you never knew.

They kicked things off with a hit of opiate based Paregoric for pain in the gums and a nice long shot of whiskey because they couldn’t get me to sleep. I was only a few months old. That would set up an opioid addiction that would last quite a few years , yet, wouldn’t inhibit my legal, electronic, or code-breaking skills. I was very compartmentalized. The most updated model for balancing and juggling a million things at once. And I was my own, best kept secret- a secret unto myself -I always said. How little I knew and how much there was to find out as the zig-zagging roads of my life began to open up ahead of me and I began to travel, as they say, the road less traveled by- the one no one else would take because it was full of monsters, con-artists,  and horror,  and truth.

Well, they couldn’t get me to sleep. In fact, mom was quoted as saying , “the child has taken command of the house” and she called me her old lady and general. Little did she or I know. And for all the Shirley Temple banana curls and pinafores I was more at home as a platinum Lash La Rue shootin’ you in the back with a cap gun and terrorizing the house but that was later. As a “baby” they had trouble keeping me in a crib so grandpa “the Swedish Prince” he was called- John Thorvald (Thor) built a kind of extension to keep me in the crib but they found me out of it every morning and I never slept.

That was to be the case most of my life. And , on top of all that, I was to learn shortly and to announce it at a very early age that I was not a girl and not a boy but a man!

So well, gang, strap yourselves in for the ride of your life., Flying with Chuck Yeager is a stroll in the park compared to this one.

Sixteen years away from my life. Subtracted and weighed down with something unfathomable. Think of all the stuff you’ve seen on ID Channel and multiply by …oh, I don’t know…infinity. And then add all the horror movies together that you have ever seen and well…you might be close.